The United Republic of Tanzania


Board Members

Board Members
# Name Description View
Leonada R. Mwagike photo Dr. Leonada R. Mwagike Chairperson of the Board View
Maria M. Memba photo Adv. Maria M. Memba Director View
Sylvester Mayunga photo Eng. Sylvester Mayunga Director View
Ninatubu M. Lema photo Prof. Ninatubu M. Lema Director View
Neema K. Mssusa photo CPA . Dr Neema K. Mssusa Director View
Allan J. Kiula photo Mr. Allan J. Kiula Director View
Mary S. Lyimo photo Ms. Mary S. Lyimo Director View
Eliakim C. Maswi photo Mr. Eliakim C. Maswi Secretary to the Board View