The United Republic of Tanzania


Vision and Mission

PPRA Vision
"To have an effective and sustainable public procurement that facilitates National development by ensuring value for money.”

To enhance fairness, competitiveness, transparency, non-discrimination, accountability and innovation in the regulation of public procurement.

Core Values
PPRA has identified the following basic core values which will govern its relationship with the internal and external stakeholders:

i. Integrity

PPRA upholds high ethical and moral standards in executing its duties.

ii. Team work
PPRA upholds interdepartmental co-operation and develops its human resource for achievement of strategic goals.

iii. Professionalism
PPRA professionally protects the interest of public procurement stakeholders through application of fair, competitive, transparent, value for money and non-discriminatory procurement standards and practices.

iv. Innovativeness
PPRA values radical and gradual improvements in rendering its services both physical and electronically.

v. Confidentiality
PPRA respects the value and ownership of information and does not disclose it without appropriate authority, unless there is a legal or professional obligation to do so.