The United Republic of Tanzania


Management Team

Management Team
# Name Description View
Eliakim C. Maswi photo Mr. Eliakim C. Maswi Chief Executive Officer View
Awadhi J. S. Suluo photo Eng Awadhi J. S. Suluo Director, Monitoring and Compliance View
Michael A. Moshiro photo Mr. Michael A. Moshiro Director, Information Systems View
Susan S. Chaula: photo CPA. Susan S. Chaula: Director, Corporate Services View
Robert M. Kitalala photo Mr. Robert M. Kitalala Head, Procurement Management Unit View
Amin N. Mcharo: photo Eng Amin N. Mcharo: Director, Capacity Building and Advisory Services View
Paul T. Kadushi: photo Adv. Paul T. Kadushi: Director, Legal and Public Affairs View