The United Republic of Tanzania



14 May, 2024
RC Serukamba warns Public Institutions against neglecting the use of the NeST
RC Serukamba warns Public Institutions against neglecting the use of the NeST

The Iringa Regional Commissioner, Peter Serukamba, has warned procurement entities against using various excuses to evade utilizing National e-Procurement System of Tanzania (NeST) for their procurement activities, highlighting that this contravenes government directives.

Serukamba made the warning on May 13, 2024, in Iringa while opening a five-day training session on the NeST system for Board Directors and Management of Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA).

He pointed out that the system, overseen by PPRA and linked with seventeen (17) government systems, aims to improve efficiency, streamline procurement processes, curb fraudulent activities, corruption, and unethical behavior. This demonstrates the government's genuine commitment to bolstering financial resource management in public procurement.

Additionally, he said despite these efforts, some public officials, driven by personal interests; present various excuses to avoid utilizing the NeST as they are aware it restricts corrupt practices.

This behavior, he emphasized, contravenes the directives of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan.

“I want to stress that all public institutions in this region must follow the directives of Her Excellency the President to ensure that every procurement process goes through the NeST,” Serukamba emphasized.

“I acknowledge that some public officials with their personal motives present various excuses just to avoid using the NeST because they know it constrains them from engaging in malpractice. I warn against such inappropriate behavior and urge them to be patriotic,” he added.

The Regional Commissioner commended the Sixth Phase Government under President Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan for making significant reforms in every sector nationwide, including the public procurement sector, by facilitating the construction of systems that curb corruption and enhance efficiency in delivering development to the citizens.

He stressed that these reforms have helped increase efficiency, particularly in overseeing public procurement by ensuring that the government gets value for money in every project and service provided.

Furthermore, he stated that the use of this system reaffirms the government's sincere intention to strengthen financial resource management in public procurement, which is estimated to utilize more than 70% of the government’s budget.

“We are all witnesses to the fact that the use of this system has brought significant benefits, closing loopholes for corruption, enhancing transparency and accountability, all aimed at ensuring we get the real value for money,” he explained.

Earlier, the Chairperson of the PPRA Board of Directors, Dr. Leonada Mwagike, noted that despite the achievements the Authority has made, it still faces various challenges, including some procurement institutions disregarding the President's directives to use the NeST for their personal reasons.

She mentioned that the Authority has been fulfilling its responsibilities by adhering to important principles of good governance, including directing procurement institutions to conduct procurement with professionalism, integrity, patriotism, transparency, equity, and respecting public service ethics.