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07 Jul, 2024
PPRA debars three companies for fraudulent practices
PPRA debars three companies for fraudulent practices

By: Remija Nestory, Dodoma

The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) has debarred three companies from participating in public procurement activities due to their involvement in fraudulent and collusive practices.

The debarment includes Dacady Investment Company Limited, High Winds Tanzania Company Limited, and Deaver PVC Company Limited.

In a recent press statement, PPRA's Director General, Mr. Eliakim Maswi, announced that the debarment, encompassing the companies' directors, agents, and partners, is effective from May 21, 2024, to May 20, 2034.

Mr. Maswi elaborated that Dacady Investment Company Limited and High Winds Tanzania Company Limited were engaged in collusive practices.

“The two companies were shortlisted to compete for the same tenders while their owners were the same, thereby undermining fair competition,” Mr. Maswi explained. This malpractice resulted in a rotation of winning bids among the same individuals using different company names, thus unfairly influencing the bidding process.

In addition to the ten-year debarment, High Winds Tanzania Company Limited has received an additional three-year debarment for failing to implement procurement contract No. 014/2020/2021/PR/G/26 with the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Director General emphasized that the two periods of debarment shall run concurrently.

Furthermore, the Authority has debarred Deaver PVC Company Limited for ten years, effective from May 21, 2024, to May 20, 2034, following the company's involvement in forging Framework Agreement No. 0068009, which was subsequently submitted to Kiwira Prisons College.

Mr. Maswi stated that pursuant to Regulation 102 of the Public Procurement Regulations, 2013, the PPRA's decision to debar these companies affects all procurement contracts entered into between the procuring entities and these companies prior to the issuance of the debarment decision.

According to the statement, PPRA remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring transparency and fairness in public procurement processes and will continue to take legal actions against any entities found engaging in fraudulent activities.