Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Pursuant to Section 9 of the Public Procurement Act No. 7 of 2011 (PPA), PPRA is mandated to monitor and report on the performance of the public procurement systems in the country. Regulation 87 (2) (d) of the Public procurement Regulations, 2013 requires procuring entities to submit to PPRA their annual procurement implementation reports within thirty days after the end of the respective financial year. On the basis of the above requirements, procuring entities are required to submit to the Authority their annual volume of procurement for the financial year 2019/2020.

The annual volume of procurement should be submitted in the format provided herein and should be submitted to the Authority before 31st July, 2020. The information required herein is urgently needed and each procuring entity should ensure that the same is timely submitted to the Authority.

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