Friday, January 17, 2020
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Minister for Agriculture JaphetHasunga has expressed displeasure at the slow pace of progress in the construction of modern silos in Rukwa and Kataviregions and has pointed a finger of blame at the Tanzania Buildings Agency (TBA) who are supervising the works, TPJ has learnt.

The minister, who was on tour to assess progress consequently issued a two-month ultimatum to the contractor, UNIA ArajRealiczje from Poland, to finish the foundation for six silos at Kanondo Village on the outskirts of Sumbawanga township in Rukwa Region.

"I wish to express my reservations over TBA’s professionalism in the supervision of the projects in the three regions as it leaves a lot to be desired,” said the minister recently after inspecting progress of the project at Kanondo Village andvowed to take action in February should the work be unfinished then.

According to the minister similar projects are implemented in Songea (Ruvuma), Makambako (Njombe), Mbeya, Dodoma andShinyanga regions.

The Sumbawanga Acting National Food Reserve Agency Zonal Manager, Marwa Range informed the minister that Sumbawanga Region plans to have cereal storage facilities with the capacity of 58,500 tonneswhile Katavi Region would have the capacity for 28,000 tonnes.

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