Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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President John P. Magufuli has ordered relevant registration boards to strike off the register all contractors and other players found to be responsible for shoddiness in public works, TPJ has learnt.

Speaking during the opening of the Engineers Registration Board, Contractors Registration Board and Architects and Quantity Surveyors Registration Board’s Joint Annual General Meeting on 4 September 2019 at Diamond Jubilee Hall in Dar es Salaam, the president said his government would not tolerate shoddiness in public works as they hampered the country’s development.

The president cited the construction of a dam in Mbeya to drive the point home, questioning how the project, which has been on-going for more than 12 years at a cost of more than TZS 400 million, could still be incomplete.  “This is unacceptable…it is high time such contractors got struck off the register,” the president said.

He urged contractors, engineers, architects and quantity surveyors to uphold ethics and relevant codes of conduct in order to regain lost trust and credibility of their professions.

In addition, the president called upon contractors to keep exploring opportunities in various public works projects, highlighting construction of the Uganda -Tanzania crude oil pipeline as one of the many that they could get involved in.

He reminded the meeting’s participants on the special preference provided by the procurement law to local bidders over foreigners when the two compete for the same tender and on the government’s effort in addressing other challenges including meeting their outstanding claims.

In another development, PPRA’s Board Chairman, Ambassador, Dr. Matern Lumbanga when speaking with TPJ, cemented the president’s speech by urging local contractors to embrace best practice in estimating costs when bidding in order to win the government away from its preference of force account.

“The president asked them, for example, what would they do if they were [government] and had to choose between paying 100 Shillings while they could get the same for 60 Shillings… so, they have to think through and come up with reasonable prices,” said Ambassador Lumbanga.

PPRA’s Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Leonard Kapongo, insisted that as per the president’s remarks, local contractors have the obligation of seeing to it that the preference they are entitled to under the procurement law, drives them deliver the best in return, always mindful of the government’s desire to attain value for money.

Eng. Kapongo advised local contractors to keep on polishing up their tendering knowledge and skills in order to be more competitive and to excel when they get opportunities presented by the government in big projects highlighted by the president.

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